In the Dragonfly Class children are viewed as capable, competent members of our community and we want them to be heard. Respecting one another, showing tolerance and learning to accept each other as well as ourselves is imperative in our personal growth. Through observation and interactions we will guide children to be tolerant of themselves and others.  Giving children the opportunity to accept not only their successes but also their failures will help them be accepting of themselves and others. Helping them build communication and negotiation skills at an early age will help not only the child but our community as a whole. We want to encourage kind and respectful behavior of everyone in our class. There is great value in creating adventure and exploration through the environment and curriculum. Fostering creativity and critical thinking through this exploration is integral in engaging children in learning and making sense of their world.

Every child in the Dragonfly Class is at a different stage in their interest and development regarding academics. We don’t ever force academic learning because children at this age are often not ready. The things they are learning through their play are extremely valuable and we will do our best to facilitate that as well as provide academic learning opportunities that they may participate in if interested through their play like making menus for the kitchen or having a store and learning about money. We focus on the process of our projects and not necessarily the outcome. During art sessions, we encourage the kids to be individuals. Instead of forcing product oriented artwork, we allow the kids to be creative. If they want to paint only with orange paint one day, we encourage them to do so. This places the focus more on the process than the product. It’s about encouraging exploration and creativity in the Dragonfly Class!

Our monthly snack schedule is available for download on our About page. Snack is the same for all classes.

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Dragonfly Class Handbook

Denise Rhodes, Lead Teacher

In the Dragonfly Class our main goal is for your child to learn to love school and to be excited about coming to school. Children learn through play, so it is our responsibility to provide an environment that creates opportunities for your child to be open to play and interactions with their peers. We want to create a caring community of learners, sparking in them the desire to investigate and explore. While doing this we also want to build a community within our classroom and our school, to do that we need to build relationships with our families, and hope that they build relationships with each other. l want to thank you for this opportunity to share your child with us. I would like to share a little bit about myself with you.

I have been a Teacher at Little Acorn since 2004. I have over 15 year’s experience  working in a Pre-School setting, mainly with 3 & 4 year olds. Finishing up my degree in Early Childhood Education from Clark College in 2014 has truly turned into my passion!  I believe that this age is SO important in becoming a lifelong learner! It is our goal to guide behavior and encourage problem solving, explorations, tolerance of self and others, creating self-confidence by doing so. 

On a personal note....I am married to a wonderful man named Darrell. We just celebrated our 28th anniversary. We have two children and three cats. My son, Dakota who recently served in the US Navy is now back home working and going to school.  My daughter, Sierra just graduated from Hudson’s Bay High School and had graduated from the Aveda Institute. We enjoy fishing, camping and I personally love the beach. There is nothing like a storm on the ocean!

We look forward to a fun and enjoyable year with your families


Molly Scudder, Assistant Teacher

Hello! My name is Molly Scudder and I am the new assistant teacher in the Dragonfly class! I am very excited and honored to be a part of the positive and passionate community at Little Acorn Preschool. I have been working and volunteering at early childhood education centers for the past few years; I love working with bright young minds and helping cultivate an environment where they can grow, learn, and discover themselves.

I am a CNA and I am also currently going to Clark College to acquire my Early Childhood Education Certificate before I start nursing school, where I plan to become a Pediatric Registered Nurse. I am passionate about young people getting a good head start in their health, mental and physical. On a personal note, I love creating art, learning new things, spending time with my family, friends, and my partner of nearly two years.

Thank you for letting us watch your child grow and I look forward to meeting all of our Dragonfly friends and their families!