In the Rainbow Room we really strive to make the classroom engaging for the children by having a variety of activities available for them and exploring different art mediums throughout the year.  We sing lots of songs, play fun games and make new friends! Socialization is our main goal for our Rainbow Room students.  We encourage the children to play, be creative, get their hands messy and have fun.  For many children, this is their first experience being in a group setting.  We create an engaging and caring environment for our students, that fosters learning and self-expression. We also focus on teaching self-help skills, letting each child become independent with snack time, potty training, and free choice.   Cultivating independence allows our students to make their own choices as well as learn cause and effect from those choices. We really care for our students and make their first year a fun, safe and positive experience! 

Our monthly snack schedule is available for download on our About page. Snack is the same for all classes.

Check out our school calendar for upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

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Sally Repman, Lead Teacher

Hi everyone! I'm Sally Repman, and I am so excited to begin this school year with you :D. I have been teaching at Little Acorn since 2014, and absolutely love it! I am the proud parent of two girls, Lila and Helene. They both graduated from LAPSK and are now attending Hough Elementary and Discovery Middle School. Before starting my own family I worked with kids in a variety of settings. I have worked for school districts in Oregon, Alaska, and here in Washington. I have been an assistant teacher in a variety of classroom settings in special education as well as a substitute teacher in the general population. I have also worked privately in families homes working with children with autism, and have provided respite care and worked at camps for children with disabilities. I have my Associates of Arts and an Instructional Assistant/ Special Education Certificate from PCC. I stopped working to take care of my girls and have really been enjoying working again! For fun, our family does LOTS of camping and boating, pretty much half the year! We also enjoy wakeboarding, hiking, bike riding, swimming, and my new favorite, stand up paddle boarding :D.

In the Rainbow Room, we provide a nurturing setting where kids can learn to feel comfortable leaving their caregivers for a short time and start to see themselves as an individual. This might be a little difficult at first, so we will help your child feel comforted until they can do this for themselves. Our main focus at school will be on learning social skills. For most kiddos, this is their first experience dealing with many children at once, and it is so critical we give them the tools to help them make these interactions a success. These tools can be language, turn taking, waiting patiently, sharing, problem solving, and working as a community or team to accomplish tasks. We also will introduce the beginnings of academics. This will include basic shapes, colors and numbers. We will explore many topics throughout the year and learn basic concepts within each topic. We are looking forward to getting to know everyone and know we are going to have a great year!

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Kirby Bain, Assistant Teacher

Hi! I’m Kirby and I am so excited to be joining the team here at Little Acorn!

This is my first year teaching at LAPSK, but I have years of teaching experience behind me. I have a bachelor’s degree in Human Development with a minor in Sociology and many credits of Early Childhood Education. I spent my high school and college years working in various nanny positions and childcare centers, and after graduation I worked for Vancouver School District as a paraeducator.

After some time with the school district I took a break from my professional life to start a family. My husband and I have now been married for 10 years and we have 3 beautiful children together. Nolan and Aurora, both LAPSK graduates, who are now attending Lincoln Elementary, and Bennett who is in Dragonfly class this year.

As a parent having my kids at Little Acorn has been a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to be on the flip side as a teacher now too! I look forward to getting to know you and your children this year in Rainbow room!